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Scott Haugh, JD
Roselle, IL 60172

Valerie Haugh, JD
Roselle, IL 60172


Valerie has common sense, good experience, is knowledgeable, and, most important for me, patient as I flit around from idea to idea. She has been willing to invest her time in understanding some unique structures that I am exploring and then has the ability to take them to closing when needed.

-Dick R.

I would refer you to someone to the Haugh Law Group due to their responsiveness, aggressive attitude, and their ability to provide understandable explanations and advice.

-Jim H.

I like the Haugh Law Group due to their pursuit of and aggressiveness towards a case. I like to know that we are waiting for the other party’s legal counsel to get back to us and not the other way around. I don’t like to hear that my attorney is busy on other cases and has not had time to work on our case. I also don’t want to feel that we are compromising on everything. I want the deal to be fair for both sides and happen as quickly as possible. The Haugh Law Group makes that happen.


Valerie’s ability to quickly turn around leases and other documents as well as her deal sense gives us an edge in the market place. We know that when we are negotiating a deal, we can deliver what we promise. She protects us, but she also makes sure that we get the deal done.

-Rich L.

I want an attorney that can represent me in all sorts of matters that come up, but that is not afraid to tell me no if they don’t have the experience. That kind of honesty is uncommon.

-Joe D.

I want an attorney that can provide clear explanations. I don’t want legal jargon. I want simple explanations that explain my risks and options. Also, I don’t like to be told information in micro steps. I want to hear the whole picture. I don’t like to continually ask, what happens next. I want to be told here is the whole process that we must follow. The Haugh Law Group does this for me.

-Jim H.

The Haugh Law Group has been a trusted advisor for our hotel brokerage company, Paramount Lodging Advisors and our hotel management and asset services company, Atira Hotels from the formation of our companies to our fifth year in operation. They have gone beyond providing us real estate law services to really understanding our business and our strategic objectives in all of our activities. This educated approach has created a relationship of value far beyond our expectations for legal representation.

-Sanjeev M.

I have worked with many attorneys over my 30 years in the Commercial Real Estate business and have found Haugh Law Group to be at the top of the list in understanding both the owners and tenants needs in negotiating a lease. Their ability to tactfully hold to the critical lease language without jeopardizing the deal is a rare commodity. And, their ability to turn leases around quickly has given us the edge we need to compete successfully in this market place.

-Rich L.

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