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Asset Preservation

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Asset Preservation

What Exactly is “Asset Preservation”?

Asset Preservation sets up legal barriers around your Nest Egg that (1) make you, your family and your business a very undesirable target for a commission based lawyer (commonly known as “contingent fee” lawyers or “Predator Lawyers”) and (2) help protect your Nest Egg from creditors in the event a business deal goes south. These Barriers reduce the likelihood that your will be sued and if you are sued, increase the likelihood that you will see a more favorable result.

Who Needs Asset Preservation?

If you have assets, odds are that someone will come after them, whether or not they are justified in doing so. In our increasing litigious society, almost everyone would benefit from setting up barriers to keep them from becoming a target. However, there are certain groups that face a 1 in 3 chance of getting named as a defendant in a law suit. These groups NEED Asset Preservation and include:

  • Small business owners
  • Real estate investors
  • Doctors, accountants and other professionals
  • Anyone with a nest egg

The Problem

Trial lawyers in this country are out of control. If you have assets, you have a high chance of being sued this year, most likely by a lawyer who KNOWS he won’t win the case if it goes to trial, but also knows that before it goes that far, you will settle, especially if you have insurance. Although many lawsuits result in no award to the plaintiff, most people don’t want the expense, emotional upheaval and time spent in defending a lawsuit. Our Barriers help take the target off your back.

Did You Know

  • A new lawsuit is filed every 5 seconds in the US
  • In addition to the 1,143,358 lawyers in America looking to make a living (2007-American Bar Association), there are over 125,000 students in law school right now who will need to make a living also. Have you noticed the increase in TV ads by law firms phishing for clients?
  • More than 50,000 lawsuits are filed every day in the United States.
  • If you own a business or practice a profession, you have a one in three chance of being named a Defendant in a lawsuit in the next 12 months.

Abusive Law Suits

So you think you won’t be the target of a frivolous or abusive lawsuit? Neither did these people. Read their stories here:

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