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Workouts / Restructuring / Crisis Management

We have represented both lenders as well as borrowers and guarantors in the restructurings and workouts of debt, forbearances, foreclosures and transfers-in-lieu of foreclosure. These transactions include deeds in escrow, prenegotiation letters, omnibus amendments, loan modifications and amendments, extension agreements, forbearance agreements, covenants not to sue, and release and deficiency documents.

We have extensive experience advising clients not only on default, foreclosure, forbearance or workout process, but also on ancillary issues that arise during a workout, including tax and bankruptcy matters.

In conjunction with our workouts, we have developed a Crisis Management Team with experience in helping clients understand their options, develop a coherent strategy for dealing with financial distress or defaults, negotiating with lenders and their counsel, assisting in compiling financial documentation and information required to complete a workout, and negotiating and documenting the eventual deal struck. We understand that when you encounter financial distress in any business, you need someone who can help you immediately and we can provide that.